Thursday, December 11, 2008

my bad at the very least i should have done this a while ago but here is a list of just SOME of the albums that have dropped recently;
common dropped
epmd dropped
pharcyde dropped
jedi mind dropped (a while ago)
alchemist (a while ago)...

computer bullshit

my comp is going thru all kinds of bullshit plus i got super fucked up last night haven't even gotten out of bed yet or really woken up so i might need a day to hook u up with the next batch).

12/11/08 BTN # 13

RZA - You Already Know f. Kool G Rap, Inspectah Deck & Suga Bang
(i don't give a shit killa bees stand the fuck up)!
(opposite end of the spectrum but it still bumps).

a little taste

(i like young chris a lot, but he needs to show me something new as far as his flow.  this song is pretty wild though, papoose does papoose, and bear one is obviously official).
The Game - Show is Over (prod. Cookin’ Soul)
(game is one of my favorite mainstream acts of recent, cookin' soul is prob my favorite producer right now he is crazy and is everywhere especially on "jayzis" which is fucking amazing, so just a quick verse from the game but i'll take it).
("the president is here" sha is the fucking man, big ups to big lou and unlearn for coming correct as well).
(working on his first single with U.N.I and mickey factz).

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

12/10/08 BTN! #12

(wale is one of my favorite rappers right now and brother ali  (real rap) is one of the best rappers of all time so don't be dumb.  listen to what brother ali has to say, he is a graduate he says exactly what i have been thinking about this fucked up hip-hop game for sometime now).

(had to post this twice).


(day 10)
(if your into all this look at me rap, this song is crazzzy. the beat is dope, and daytona knows how to flow for sure.  he has been doing his thing for a while know so it is about time he gets some spins).
(i like curren$y he just has this laid back swag about him that puts him above all that go hard shit, its like it is just too easy for him).
("never under estimate the power of tony starks," killer bees stand up! that run remix is fucking crack also BUILT FOR CUBAN LINKS 2 TO DROP SOON!).
(this is where hip-hop came from).
(day 9)
(this isn't normally my style but tha riot squad is really hard, do not fuck around).
(ROC boyz in the building, ROCAFELLA FOR LIFE)
(i would rather have a new track from mickey, but curtains will do i guessss).
(i believe every word that comes out of cassidy's mouth, call it naive if you want but dude knows his shit.  weezy kills the his verse as well).
(day 8)

Monday, December 8, 2008

12/8/08 #11 - BUMP THIS NOW! / AAL

(i dunno about you guys, but my sunday morning was rough as fuck. no wallet, no woman, no tree, no ride...  really, i couldn't wait for monday morning, and i am currently on my 9 to 5 hustle, so that is saying a lot.  this song really sums up my life of recent though, "too many things goin on at once, maybe i should disappear for a few months, read a few books, roll a few blunts, figure out just what it is i want, party life, or peace of mind, i just hope i see tomorrow, i just hope i see tomorrow..."  i have been playing this song like prob 20 times in a row so far).

"i see so many faces from stars to lonely stoners at bars at different places i hardly have the time to tell my momma i love her give my n***** a call my chick constantly fussin we dont chill anymore im out clubbin too young to stay at home must spend time on the phone one blink back on the road my life is kinda hectic wouldn't trade it for the world sex money girls drinkin until i url...  thousand arms tuggin at me screamin lets go, smilin, but i aint happy they tellin me lets go thousand arms tuggin at me screamin lets go, smilin, but i aint happy, they tellin me lets go..."

a lot of shit i have been meaning to post.

Freeway - MindState Takeover (Produced By Kardiak)
(bonus track off theatre of the mind - for a ludacris show press the start button... roll that shit, light that shit, smoke it).
(month of madness - day 6)
(first and third letter).
(gotta give bleek a spin, freeway on the hook).
(month of madness - day 5)
(, dunno if there is a direct correlation, but i get a lot of my music from them so anytime i can plug, i probably should).
(statik selektah hooks the track up, he is like really really dope if you didn't know).
(month of madness - day 4 one of the best thus far, freeway is KILLING SHIT).