Friday, November 21, 2008

Planet Asia, Black ELement and Patch Adams

Planet Asia and DJ Muggs - Drama    A banger off of the collab Pain Language.  Asia has been in the game spitting hard for a long time.  Give Respect where its due 

Black ELement ft. Jelani - Quiet Nights    A nice track from newcomer Black ELement.  Smooth beat and he rides it well.  Solid verse from Jelani too.  Its off the promo album A Major Minority and ELement's putting it out for free on his website   Haven't had a chance to check out the whole album but hopefully we'll see more quality from Black ELement in the future.

Patch Adams - ABCs  Sene turns in a solid performance on this collab with Blu.  The track is off the BeSene EP so expect more fire from Patch Adams.  I don't think Blu could slow down if he wanted to right now.


Nas live

JAZZANOVA ("of all the things" out in the a.m).

(move bitches).


(wayne has had his verse from this track floating around on various 
mix-tapes for a while now, but keri goes in herself it won't disappoint, she may be the truth in female r&b... i wouldn't sleep if i was you).

Drake, Lykke Li, Emilio Rojas, Curtains, Sha Stimuli, Wayne, Slim

Drake - Little Bit (Remix)
(this is a real solid track, i am happy to see that drake stepped out of the box a 
"little bit" and took a chance. his flow isn't the greatest on this verse, but cheers to 
originality... and gotta give props to Lykke Li cause the original is crack too, call it 
soft if you want but while you hate, ill bump)..

(emilio rojas.  real smooth).

(was hoping curtains rapping was going to eclipse his personality, but it doesn't, good music but mostly the beat is pretty dope).

(go ahead and get some sha! this track was so fresh until pain ruined it with a cliche hook, it shouldn't even say feat. t-pain, it should say feat. auto-tuner/un-original hook they are pretty synonymous. despite, it is probably the best track of the day thanks to stimuli slaying it).

(it's wayne what you see is what you get).

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Young Jeezy - Crazy World

(jeezy is really impressing me recently i can't really lie, and a grown up jeezy and a intense video make for a good post...).

Roc-A-feLLA goes in 2001 pt. 3

Alchemist - Lose Your Life (Snoop, Pusha T, and Jadakiss)

(this video is nuts).

Coldplay + Jay Z - Lost

Monday, November 17, 2008

Ludacris ft Jay and Nas - I Do It For Hip Hop,

(i been heard this track, but it is hard out here for a blogger and i had trouble 
getting my hands on a copy worth posting, heres the best i could do).

88 Keys ft Redman - Burning Bush, Pumpkinhead ft Talib Kweli - Of the Same Air, Brother Ali - Mr. President,

(make em make em smoke an ounce to this).

(no disappointments here, but these mc's rarely if ever disappoint).

(this track is crack, hopefully obama is the man).

B.oB - Who the F*&% is B.o.B (mixtape), Young Chris- Day 15 and 16, Punchline-Attitude, Gym Class Heroes ft Estelle

B.o.B - Who The F*&% Is B.o.B
(i am blindly posting this with faith in B.o.B, meaning i haven't listened to it yet, but i am confident enough to say it will be well worth listening too...  don't make me look bad B.o.B).

(day 15).

(day 16).

(punchline punching you bitches out).

(indie rappers stand up, no matter how much i tell myself i should not like these guys they continue to make music that sounds good, and if it sounds good it is good so do not hate).

(vintage hiphop, listen up).
(i would not normally post a link but there are a few tracks on this site that are reallly worth it to check out and i couldn't find them elsewhere - the keelay and zaire joint with blu will not dissapoint, the metermaids track is also heat amongst a few others, but for the most part i posted the other tracks i was really impressed with).


Sunday, November 16, 2008

C2C Grows Stronger

This is DeeBra, yet another member of the C2C movement.  Cherub runs this shit but I'll be through to drop in my 2 cents.  Before I get into that though I'll let you know my philosophy.
Why do I say Cheers 2 Crime?  The recent events with the economy have had me thinking.  We live in a nation in which people are locked up for stealing pennies from corporations, while those same corporations receive billion dollar bailouts for robbing the common man.  Commit burglary three times in California and you get 25 years to life.  Swindle millions of people out of their homes and livelihood, and receive a reward from the government.  When the wealth of society's so-called "elite" outweighs the rights of the masses, the time has come to take action.  Nihilism and apathy stand as levees, hindering the flow of hope and happiness.  This revolution is simple.  Rise up and take back freedom, honor, and justice.  Cheers 2 Crime.  Cheers to the criminal.