Thursday, November 13, 2008

BUMP THIS NOW! 11/13/08 #5

808s and Heartbreaks

01. Say You Will
02. Welcome To Heartbreak (feat. KiD CuDi)
03. Heartless
04. Amazin (feat. Young Jeezy)
05. Love Lockdown
06. Paranoid (feat. KiD CuDi)
07. Robocop
08. Street Lights
09. Bad News
10. See You In My Nightmares (feat. Lil Wayne)
11. Coldest Winter
12. Pinocchio Story

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

BUMP THIS NOW! # 4 - 11/12/08 - (reggae addition, not really, but really)

just listen to it one time through and tell me your not boppin' before its done.  
estelle's album "shine" is one of the better albums of '08 alsoso be sure to check 
that out as well.

this is a track i stumbled across that would have gotten a "bump this now" plug 
had it existed. power hustlers.

"Imformation Age" to drop in February

PolitricKKKs - dead prez
(leave it to dp to turn it into a conspiracy, i hope there wrong, but probably there right... cheers2crime).

Kanye, Weezy, Jay, Evidence&Alchemist, 88 Keys, Young Chris, Charles Hamilton, Asher Roth, B.O.B, Slaughterhouse,

Kanye West - Amazing (Feat. Young Jeezy)
(to be honest they could have done the freeze frame and jeezy entrance like a good minute earlier in the song, not one of my favorite kanye efforts, but jeezy kills the beat, and its a good one i mean come on, it is kanye west can't really say anything about his talent... but truthfully i can't wait till he gets over the fucking auto tuner).

(another solid verse from your boy young, this song sounds like it should be crazy).

(a little late with this one, but give me a break.  well worth the wait).

more to come...

(also late on this but it bummmmps.  hamilton goes in per his usaul.  asher roth is crazy although he takes the easy way out sometimes, just my opinion.  as far as b.o.b, he kills it, production is crazy, and on top of that he spits the best verse).

(now this one im supppppppper late on, almost too late to be redemable, but i haven't posted any SLAUGHTERHOUSE (royce, budden, crooked, joell) and i am pretty excited about it so fuck ego, give it a listen.  being so competitive, slaughterhouse is very interested to know who the fans think goes in the hardest so keep this cats on there game and let em know, my votes for joell "got every dot come in my palm and i dont know how to work computers, yeah its true slaughterhouse i know you heard the rumors...").

(this is not one of 88's greatest musical efforts, but the video is real trippy).

(not a bad effort, but that is really all i have to say, not bad).

(this is one of my favorite releases so far from 808's, really indie, original, but still with the fucking t-pain, STOP.  at least it isn't too overdone).

(when i saw this, i really wanted to use it for "bump this now," but it just isn't really original enough i don't think.  TAKE THE TPAIN OUT OF YOUR VOICE)!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Mook and Oun P Free

pretty hard freeze, off the "straight spittas" dvd.

Lupe Fiasco - superstar acoustic/announcement

yeah you heard him right, "lupe.n.d." will be his last album, he has said it before, 
what he hasn't said before is that it will be three discs, "everywhere," "nowhere," 
and "down here." lupe is one of my favorite artists, and one of the most 
amazing masters of ceremony's alive. i am confident that he will be 
remembered long after our time as one of the great american poets.

The Boy Illinois - One Love

good for you TBI. in all honesty this is the first i have heard from TBI, but i checked him out, and i could def see him getting put on. with some help 
from a solid production team i would buy his cd.

Enuff Radio Presents Talib Kweli freestyle.

this is not some rapper going into a studio with rhymes in mind. talking "yo off the dome, about to freestyle for you guys." no your not! talib does 
though, take notes.

R.O.C goes in pt. 2

young c kills it.

BUMB THIS NOW #3.1 - 11/10/08

i decided to post this just in case the first song doesn't convince you.
producing on this tape is crazy strong. don't sleep.

BUMB THIS NOW #3 - 11/10/08

if you haven't gotten the "viva la hova" mixtape yet your not a fan yah lame. BUMB THIS SHIT NOW

Sunday, November 9, 2008


yeah good choice, i know.


Here are some tapes I would  put in rotation;

Mick Boogie - Viva La Hova (mick boogie mashes cold play and jay all day).
Lil Wayne - The Leak 5 (weezy says maybe a whole new "carter III," and a "carter IV" to drop in the not too distant future...  hopefully its not just hype, and they live up to the dynasty "the carters" have become).
DJ Envy - Purple Codeine 20 (dj envy stays true to his genre, good thing? sometimes).
Mickey Factz - Heavens Fallout (plain and simple, this shit bumps).
DJ 31 Degreez - Mr. Fab (fabulous mixtape really haven't listened to it much but fabulous rarely dissapoints).
DJ Whoo Kid - Night of the Living Dead (anything that has BIG's name on it gets my a spot in my cd changer, don't be dumb, show some love).
DJ Storm - Jahovah God M.C (never enough jay-z)
DJ Unexpected - Year of the Aftermath (em, 50, and dre... yeah my fingers are crossed too).
Hevehitta - Something in Common (common commercializing, old and new tracks, lyrics, lyrics, lyrics).

Official Video for Khaled, Kanye, and T-Pain's "Go Hard"

Its A New Day - Will.I.Am

say what you will, first verse is inspired, and is one of the best 
producers out, and all i know is i listened to this song for the first time as i was getting out of bed and i felt like, well; "its a new day."

shout outs to indie rappers. there is a time and a place.