Thursday, December 18, 2008


MeLo-X - Mustafa’s Renaissance
(i have been waiting forever for this shit, Malcolm Melo Mustafa X to the rescue)
(maybe one of the best mixtapes of all time).
(i already spoke on this, but adele bumps for those of  you with any soul in you).

Jon James - call him a breath of fresh air. put me onto jon james set to drop a mixtape in the near future hustling out in public.  Jon is known for throwing some crazy bangers out in the 'go, drugged out girls is one of the doper songs i have heard in a minute;

12/18/08 BTN # 15

Fashawn - Freedom (Produced by Exile)
(one of my favorite, not to mention one of the truest producers, and real rap in one of my favorite emcees. easy choice bang that shit... did i forget to mention the hook is a talib sample?).

(check it).

You Don't Wanna Miss This Post.

Joell Ortiz - Day ‘N’ Nite (Williamsbugh/Greenpoint Brooklyn Remix)
(slaughterhouse bitches).
(yeah man they really kill this track, sample from sunglasses at night is crazy, did i mention it's a talib-graph-res collaboration with a cd to droppp!).
(jay electronica goes in on this remix, my question is who is going to save hip hops soul if it has one left? electronica keeps it 100).
(day 17)
(this is rap, so just let it spin and roll the kush up cause its just another day).
(shouts to my lushes out there, but i am right there with jt and tip on this one, on the real i don't have anytime for you sloppy girls out there, timbo on the track).
(adele has a mixtape 1988 out hosted by mick boogie who has just been killing shit recently just puting good music out there, so shouts to mick boogie and the camp keep doing hip-hop justice! shouts to polygon and go grab that adele mixtape 1988).
(blackout music, drink to this, smoke to this, blow to this, party up).
(killing tracks go ahead and get some jet audio, and you know its dayttttona).

Monday, December 15, 2008

12/15/08 BTN # 14

Mickey Factz - Rapio 2 Point OH (Produced by MeLo-X)
(both these cats are so dope and it is nice to have some party tracks that aren't all about all that nonsense.  melo-x is crazy if you don't know who he is google him, myspace him whatever you can do, dude is real talented, just don't go too on us please).

(this song has done something a hip-hop song of this sort has not done for me in a while; make me feel good about myself.  most of these glamour raps that have been coming out recently are made to make you feel like your not good enough, it doesn't have to be like that, lets celebrate our successes as a means to inspiring each other to achieve instead of celebrating our successes only with the intention of putting others down, .  i feel like mainstream hip-hop has lost it's way and the fans are as much to blame as the artists, we have allowed hip-hop to be manipulated into a marketing scheme it was never supposed to be that way.  maybe this is not the best song for me to go on about all that but thats what i feel like...).

with that said this is a perfect joint to add to the mix;

Freeway, Joell, Jadakiss, Lil Wayne, Don Cerino, Royce, Uncle Murda, Curren$y, Punchline, Souls of Mischief, Stat Quo

(day 15)
(solid joell, everyone from brooklyn is going in on this one as they should).
(day 14)
(kiss my ass the mixtape to drop soon).
(brooklyn goes hard, don't be dumb).
(back 2 the basics set to drop soon (green lantern mixtape).  good to see don finally getting some spins.  royce is everywhere recently and i am not mad at it SLAUGHTERHOUSE stand the fuck up).
(day 13)
(for some reason i just love curren$y, he is not quite the most lyrical or original but i get the feeling that he is for real, and he does the fuck he wants, not just a gimmick for gimmicks sake like a lot of these cats nowadays, just a whole bunch of marketing scheme poster boys who are willing to fall inline and what they are told.  instead curren$y is gonna do it himself,  shame on me if i am wrong about this one.  fs jet set where haven't we been yet?).
(great to hear something from punch, EMC stand upp!)
(day 12)
(representing real hip-hop world wide, tour stories true stories, real rap, true story).
(mixtape to drop january 1st, quocity, real rap stand up!).