Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Keep It Moving

(props to so well said!)

mad more music, with mad more to come x2...

Add-2 - Chicago Kids (All That I Got Is You)
(glad to give a new homie out of chicago some shine, good for him keep spitting and ill keep spinning it).
(stat is on point 365).
(this shit is emotional almost man i feel for lil cease i wasn't sure how i would feel about him going in after jada already did it, but he does in...  RIP BIG).
(grand union stand up, i can dig it che... che and jay kill this official beat).
(my introduction to one-2, def talented... anyone who has anything negative to say about our new president can eat a dick, we need to promote change...).
(lily is my girl she just knows how to make music and make it sound good, one of the queens of the remix out right now real official).
(new wayne, good shit).
(absolutely kills shit, one of my favorite tracks i have heard in a while, straight funk).
(give this a bunch of spins, i dig it real rap, good music!).
(pass the dutch to the left hand side)

01/21/09 BTN! # 23

Big Sean - Who Knows (feat. Mike Posner)
(this is what i like to see from big sean, go getcha some, but don't forget the come up! this track is phatttt... nah fuck that FAT!).

mad music with mad more to come...

Memphis Bleek - Ah Man
(bleek what up!).
(these guys know how to hold the west down, and black milk is nasty, dibia$e kills the beat but i woulda liked to see it a bM production...  three 1 kills shit! fuck am i saying, they all kill it!  shouts to good music not Good Music, but good music!  no disrespect to Good Music though they kill shit as well, they both can get a shout).
(this is my kinda music, but some soul in your tracks take notes! jon kill it with the auto-tune though... "not bad not good nor great we want better...").
(i wanna know who produced this track? cause that is really the only good thing about it, no hate intended but you gotta go right on a biggie sample homies).
(go ahead and do you gunz).
(i def can fuck with homie, one of the best REAL mcs coming out of the south, real talk!).
(the macaroni with the cheese, had to post this shit if it has to do with homie MLK... although i dunno if he would appreciate the content. if your gonna name a song happy MLK day then at least keep it 100 with his values and preachings, nothing to your capabilities thats just how i feel).
(some of you might get it some of you may not... ya dig? esso is the truth... plus reasonable doubt till today is my favorite album too ya heard!).
(donnis keeps it up beat, but i dunno it may be a little to hectic but i can dig... "all in a new york minute or should i say atl hour...").
(do not sleep on this track stanlee goes... in its NEW YORK! oh yeah the beat is crazy).
(xv over kanye's beat he kills shit and come on mickey you really tried to do homie like that?  you got verses it would be nice to see a collaboration, not that he needs it xv goes in on his on).
(always a good jam to sample, london is the man).

Hollerrrrrr! Its a New Fucking Day!

Jay-Z - My President Is Black (Remix) (Produced by Tha Bizness)

It's A New Day!

I would love to write a long piece on how excited I am, how great of a day yesterday was, and about how Obama has rejuvenated in me new ambitions and new hopes, politically and socially.  I do not think I could do justice to the chills I get, to the feeling young, ethnic, impoverished America gets when they think about the great changes this great man can make, and our role in facilitating, promoting, and helping to make those changes occur.  I do not think I could do justice to how he has rejuvenated my ambition and I hope the ambition of young America to receive higher educations.  I do not think I could do justice to the faith he has instilled across the globe in the ability for the American People to make the right decision, and to have the faith that we will once again be a country helping those in need, instead of hurting them.  I could not do justice to the feeling Africans across the globe, the feeling people of ethnicity across the globe must be feeling that there voices will be heard loud and clear!  So, I won't try...  What I will do is salute you Barack Obama, may you continue WITH OUR HELP to bring back honor to a once great United States of America.  Thank you Obama!  Thank you!  Thank you!