Monday, April 20, 2009

one long ass rant.. werrrreeee backkkkk.


we have been gone from cheers2crime for a little while.  i wish i could tell you it was a fun or victory filled hiatus from cheers2crime, but it really was just a lot of work, and not work necessarily in the name of crime or work you would cheers 2 or a combination of the two (which is most desirable), but just plain old boring work (mostly research / reading textbooks / or listening to old stogy music).  i am really fucking tired of working so hard at a bunch of shit i don't care about, but aren't most of us? and if so why do we do it? because someone has to? not me! i won't, not in this life!  why would anyone?  i have had almost no time to draw, or to write, or to recite, i have been so busy lately working that i have not had anything of which i have created recently to value myself on (if you are a "artist" or "creator" you understand this concept of valuing yourself based on your work, if not 'oh well')!  i am dead,  i use the word dead on purpose, i am not saying dead as a synonym for tired, or merely as an adjective for the lack of energy, but i am talking about literally being dead, my life force feels drained.  i have immersed myself in work, boring shitty work, work that is uninspired and uninspiring and it is literally killing me, i did this thinking that it would facilitate hard work in the future when i finally have time to work on things that are inspired and inspiring, but i have come to realize it does not work like that.  what will my inspirations be if i am inspired at all and when will i ever be done with all this busy work?  you cannot be an inspired, inspiring life force while you are doing work that is uninspired and uninspiring to yourself, just by imagining that someday you will be.  inspiration fades, we change, and if we do not do what we are inspired to then creations go uncreated lives go unchanged.  furthermore, you only have so much punch, you only have so much hard work in you, so much drive and push, not to beat the point to death, but simpler, you only live so long.  a lot of people say the great thing about inspired work is that it has the ability to rejuvenate you, to replenish, but only if you find the time.  we hold on to the hope in life, that we will be able to get to the work that inspires us before our inspirations leave us, that we will have something inspiring to do once we have time for it, or if we are without inspiration that we will find it before we work ourselves to the bone and are drained completely of any hope of finding it.  we seek out inspiration so we can be rejuvenated, so we can feel invigorated, and proud of the work we have done, why not follow our inspirations before we have the need to feel rejuvenated and why ever give up, because when you are working on something based on your inspiration it is what it is, and it is all yours!  we have been asked by society and its most recent trends to be patient, to take your time, to not rush into your inspirations, to study carefully which inspiration you want to facilitate and grow, 'inspiration will come if you let it,' worse some people have abandoned this idea all together some people believe that working hard is enough regardless of what the work is that there is no need to lead an inspired, inspiring life.  i say that is not living, and i tell you with full confidence to rush.  i say rush with blind faith and a fistful of fury into your inspirations, because what else should you rush into, rush from one inspiration to the next because you do not always get it right at first, most importantly rush into them because you are inspired to do so, not because i or anyone am telling you to.  if you feel so inspired to go to university then go to university, but do not go to university because someone says that is what you are supposed to do, you are supposed to do as you are so inclined and do not let anyone tell you otherwise (as long as you have the free-thinking ability to make your own balanced decisions, this does not extend to children or those unstable, or in-able).  do not let anyone convince you to wait around, do not push inspiration to the side, do not hold on to this hope that one day you will have time, do not hold on to the hope that inspiration will find you, because even hope can fade and time most certainly does.  it is 'waiting,' that has killed the evolution of expression and art of my generation, it has seeped it's way into activism, eroded the artist, and derailed change, it has stalled peace efforts, and has created a black hole of uncertainty, it is money and war mongering, and elitism, genocide and hate, it is perfect shapes, perfect grammar, and a new type of pursuit of perfection.  mostly i would say the pursuit of perfection is a positive pursuit, but we are not pursuing perfection we are just becoming good at saying who is and even better at saying who isn't perfect and since it has been accepted by most, that nobody is perfect, mostly, we have become good at pointing out each others imperfections.  all the while waiting for someone to tell us we are or can be or can create something that is perfect, otherwise why bother?  do not let anyone tell you you have to wait to create, a piece of art, a phrase, a speech, music, as long as you are guided by inspiration, and passion then waiting is exactly what you cannot do.  I have no time to wait.  Only to contribute, what you contribute, is up to you.  just do not wait to make your contribution, you might wait too long, and who knows it could be just what we all needed!

as i sit here high, (happy 4/20!) at work (shhhh don't tell the boss) i want to take this opportunity to address myth, propaganda if you will, and if you won't i don't give a shit because i am gonna call it propaganda regardless.  myth:  a lot of people blame marijuana for there lethargy or apathy, this to me is the ultimate form of self-indulgence and is something to be embarrassed of.  ashamed even.  it is an excuse like any other a true cop-out.  here i am high at work and it is the first time in months i have taken the time to write a post,  i have been at work quite a bit, this is the first time i have gone high, this is the first time in months i have sat down and said to myself 'okay what about cheers2crime?'  on the day when according to the myth i am supposed to be the most apathetic and lethargic i have gotten the most done and feel the most optimistic i have in a long time.  what it is, is just a result of being uninspired or working on work that is uninspired for far too long, not having anything to do, or to create, or something to look forward to.  if your sober on your couch, saying to yourself i really don't want to get up to work tomorrow or go to the gym, then your not gonna want to get up to go to work or to go to the gym if your high it is not going to change anything, actually for some it might because work or the gym might be more fun (but so might be sleeping), ultimately the decision is yours, not the plants and you should be embaressed of yourself for giving that much authority to something so simple and good.  you have the will power to do what you will, high or not, it is up to you to will it.  stop giving weed a bad name (too late for that).  i mean, stop blaming weed for you failures, better yet stop placing blame and go get something done yah lazy piece of shit!  

long story short cheers2crime is back and were gonna start to put original work up of all kinds, stories, shorts, bios, artwork, music, films, reports, dialogues, discussions, resumes, rants, etc. etc..  it is time to get serious. go out and get inspired, give yourself a reason to stay active, up to date and relevant!  back to the revolution...  

roll that shit light that shit smoke it!  cheers,