Wednesday, December 31, 2008


currensy is the fucking man period. the man!

fly society, jet set stand up!

Stat Quo, Strong Arm, Nipsey Hu$$le, Charlie Hustle, CurT@!n$

Stat Quo - Deliver Me (Produced By Lyr1kz)
(stat quo let's it off his chest, one of the better stat quo tracks i have heard set to drop on "quocity" tomorrow, official production realllll smooth, shouts to lyr1kz).
(blacksmith music it's a blacksmith movement...  cali goes in real official).
(nipsey is killing shit i gotta give the man his props i have really appreciated the last few tracks he's dropped, i love the sample from the b-sides too so smooth taking me back to that O.G rap).
(i might not supposed to like this track, but i can dig it.  sorry if it's too poppy, it doesn't seem to me like they try too hard which is my problem with pop rap a lot of the time.  give rebel some r&b props as well).
(this i what i have been waiting for from curtains.  it seems like he has finally found his flow i hope he holds on to it. this song is truth shouts to gfcny).

(a. pinks, emillio rojas, che grand...)

(don goines, gata...)

(david rush, goods, murda mook).

Monday, December 29, 2008

12/29/08 BTN # 17

Jay Rock - East Meets West (Feat. Papoose, Stacee Adamz, Grafh, K-Dot, Joell Ortiz & AB Soul)
(this shit right here).

Silver Rust, Smoke Dza, Kenna, Ali Vegas, Jay Z, Jon Hope, Fabolous,

(newest shit from the silver rust give it some spins).
(to all my pot heads across the globe...).
(everyone was waiting for the remix only one addition and yet, it still goes hard, it's the ROC.).
(i love the cool kids but even i am not so sure what to make of this, they seem to be having a good time though and that's what it's all about).
(it doesn't get much more real in hip-hop then ali, if you still don't know don't bother).
(2 new JH tracks he is pretty nice so yeah, spin that shit).
(duo nickelus f and kid icarus create the silverust. check it out, i can dig it).
(does not disappoint).
(i heard these verses over the dre beat, fuck i forget which one definitely check this out and the "delox" dre and lox mash up mixtape).
(busta bust finally doing some justice).