Wednesday, January 21, 2009

mad more music, with mad more to come x2...

Add-2 - Chicago Kids (All That I Got Is You)
(glad to give a new homie out of chicago some shine, good for him keep spitting and ill keep spinning it).
(stat is on point 365).
(this shit is emotional almost man i feel for lil cease i wasn't sure how i would feel about him going in after jada already did it, but he does in...  RIP BIG).
(grand union stand up, i can dig it che... che and jay kill this official beat).
(my introduction to one-2, def talented... anyone who has anything negative to say about our new president can eat a dick, we need to promote change...).
(lily is my girl she just knows how to make music and make it sound good, one of the queens of the remix out right now real official).
(new wayne, good shit).
(absolutely kills shit, one of my favorite tracks i have heard in a while, straight funk).
(give this a bunch of spins, i dig it real rap, good music!).
(pass the dutch to the left hand side)

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