Wednesday, January 21, 2009

It's A New Day!

I would love to write a long piece on how excited I am, how great of a day yesterday was, and about how Obama has rejuvenated in me new ambitions and new hopes, politically and socially.  I do not think I could do justice to the chills I get, to the feeling young, ethnic, impoverished America gets when they think about the great changes this great man can make, and our role in facilitating, promoting, and helping to make those changes occur.  I do not think I could do justice to how he has rejuvenated my ambition and I hope the ambition of young America to receive higher educations.  I do not think I could do justice to the faith he has instilled across the globe in the ability for the American People to make the right decision, and to have the faith that we will once again be a country helping those in need, instead of hurting them.  I could not do justice to the feeling Africans across the globe, the feeling people of ethnicity across the globe must be feeling that there voices will be heard loud and clear!  So, I won't try...  What I will do is salute you Barack Obama, may you continue WITH OUR HELP to bring back honor to a once great United States of America.  Thank you Obama!  Thank you!  Thank you!

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