Thursday, December 18, 2008

You Don't Wanna Miss This Post.

Joell Ortiz - Day ‘N’ Nite (Williamsbugh/Greenpoint Brooklyn Remix)
(slaughterhouse bitches).
(yeah man they really kill this track, sample from sunglasses at night is crazy, did i mention it's a talib-graph-res collaboration with a cd to droppp!).
(jay electronica goes in on this remix, my question is who is going to save hip hops soul if it has one left? electronica keeps it 100).
(day 17)
(this is rap, so just let it spin and roll the kush up cause its just another day).
(shouts to my lushes out there, but i am right there with jt and tip on this one, on the real i don't have anytime for you sloppy girls out there, timbo on the track).
(adele has a mixtape 1988 out hosted by mick boogie who has just been killing shit recently just puting good music out there, so shouts to mick boogie and the camp keep doing hip-hop justice! shouts to polygon and go grab that adele mixtape 1988).
(blackout music, drink to this, smoke to this, blow to this, party up).
(killing tracks go ahead and get some jet audio, and you know its dayttttona).

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