Wednesday, November 12, 2008

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Kanye West - Amazing (Feat. Young Jeezy)
(to be honest they could have done the freeze frame and jeezy entrance like a good minute earlier in the song, not one of my favorite kanye efforts, but jeezy kills the beat, and its a good one i mean come on, it is kanye west can't really say anything about his talent... but truthfully i can't wait till he gets over the fucking auto tuner).

(another solid verse from your boy young, this song sounds like it should be crazy).

(a little late with this one, but give me a break.  well worth the wait).

more to come...

(also late on this but it bummmmps.  hamilton goes in per his usaul.  asher roth is crazy although he takes the easy way out sometimes, just my opinion.  as far as b.o.b, he kills it, production is crazy, and on top of that he spits the best verse).

(now this one im supppppppper late on, almost too late to be redemable, but i haven't posted any SLAUGHTERHOUSE (royce, budden, crooked, joell) and i am pretty excited about it so fuck ego, give it a listen.  being so competitive, slaughterhouse is very interested to know who the fans think goes in the hardest so keep this cats on there game and let em know, my votes for joell "got every dot come in my palm and i dont know how to work computers, yeah its true slaughterhouse i know you heard the rumors...").

(this is not one of 88's greatest musical efforts, but the video is real trippy).

(not a bad effort, but that is really all i have to say, not bad).

(this is one of my favorite releases so far from 808's, really indie, original, but still with the fucking t-pain, STOP.  at least it isn't too overdone).

(when i saw this, i really wanted to use it for "bump this now," but it just isn't really original enough i don't think.  TAKE THE TPAIN OUT OF YOUR VOICE)!

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