Sunday, November 16, 2008

C2C Grows Stronger

This is DeeBra, yet another member of the C2C movement.  Cherub runs this shit but I'll be through to drop in my 2 cents.  Before I get into that though I'll let you know my philosophy.
Why do I say Cheers 2 Crime?  The recent events with the economy have had me thinking.  We live in a nation in which people are locked up for stealing pennies from corporations, while those same corporations receive billion dollar bailouts for robbing the common man.  Commit burglary three times in California and you get 25 years to life.  Swindle millions of people out of their homes and livelihood, and receive a reward from the government.  When the wealth of society's so-called "elite" outweighs the rights of the masses, the time has come to take action.  Nihilism and apathy stand as levees, hindering the flow of hope and happiness.  This revolution is simple.  Rise up and take back freedom, honor, and justice.  Cheers 2 Crime.  Cheers to the criminal. 


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