Friday, November 21, 2008

Drake, Lykke Li, Emilio Rojas, Curtains, Sha Stimuli, Wayne, Slim

Drake - Little Bit (Remix)
(this is a real solid track, i am happy to see that drake stepped out of the box a 
"little bit" and took a chance. his flow isn't the greatest on this verse, but cheers to 
originality... and gotta give props to Lykke Li cause the original is crack too, call it 
soft if you want but while you hate, ill bump)..

(emilio rojas.  real smooth).

(was hoping curtains rapping was going to eclipse his personality, but it doesn't, good music but mostly the beat is pretty dope).

(go ahead and get some sha! this track was so fresh until pain ruined it with a cliche hook, it shouldn't even say feat. t-pain, it should say feat. auto-tuner/un-original hook they are pretty synonymous. despite, it is probably the best track of the day thanks to stimuli slaying it).

(it's wayne what you see is what you get).

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