Monday, December 8, 2008

a lot of shit i have been meaning to post.

Freeway - MindState Takeover (Produced By Kardiak)
(bonus track off theatre of the mind - for a ludacris show press the start button... roll that shit, light that shit, smoke it).
(month of madness - day 6)
(first and third letter).
(gotta give bleek a spin, freeway on the hook).
(month of madness - day 5)
(, dunno if there is a direct correlation, but i get a lot of my music from them so anytime i can plug, i probably should).
(statik selektah hooks the track up, he is like really really dope if you didn't know).
(month of madness - day 4 one of the best thus far, freeway is KILLING SHIT).

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