Monday, December 8, 2008

12/8/08 #11 - BUMP THIS NOW! / AAL

(i dunno about you guys, but my sunday morning was rough as fuck. no wallet, no woman, no tree, no ride...  really, i couldn't wait for monday morning, and i am currently on my 9 to 5 hustle, so that is saying a lot.  this song really sums up my life of recent though, "too many things goin on at once, maybe i should disappear for a few months, read a few books, roll a few blunts, figure out just what it is i want, party life, or peace of mind, i just hope i see tomorrow, i just hope i see tomorrow..."  i have been playing this song like prob 20 times in a row so far).

"i see so many faces from stars to lonely stoners at bars at different places i hardly have the time to tell my momma i love her give my n***** a call my chick constantly fussin we dont chill anymore im out clubbin too young to stay at home must spend time on the phone one blink back on the road my life is kinda hectic wouldn't trade it for the world sex money girls drinkin until i url...  thousand arms tuggin at me screamin lets go, smilin, but i aint happy they tellin me lets go thousand arms tuggin at me screamin lets go, smilin, but i aint happy, they tellin me lets go..."

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