Wednesday, December 10, 2008


(day 10)
(if your into all this look at me rap, this song is crazzzy. the beat is dope, and daytona knows how to flow for sure.  he has been doing his thing for a while know so it is about time he gets some spins).
(i like curren$y he just has this laid back swag about him that puts him above all that go hard shit, its like it is just too easy for him).
("never under estimate the power of tony starks," killer bees stand up! that run remix is fucking crack also BUILT FOR CUBAN LINKS 2 TO DROP SOON!).
(this is where hip-hop came from).
(day 9)
(this isn't normally my style but tha riot squad is really hard, do not fuck around).
(ROC boyz in the building, ROCAFELLA FOR LIFE)
(i would rather have a new track from mickey, but curtains will do i guessss).
(i believe every word that comes out of cassidy's mouth, call it naive if you want but dude knows his shit.  weezy kills the his verse as well).
(day 8)

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