Wednesday, January 14, 2009

some brand new flavor for your ear...

Lil Wayne - Louisanimal (feat. Lil Boosie) (Produced by Mouse)
(the track that might bring about one of the more entertaining battles in a while 50weezy f.).
(this is that vintage rza shit, that shit that is so smooth and so grimy at the same time).
(new single of the upcoming album "the ecstatic"...  soul clap!).
(jim jones has no idea how to rap.  i can dig this song cause i am a big ryan leslie fan and i like the swag jim brings to his songs, but jim your really not a rapper my dude, ghostwriters only work if you can work the flow / make us believe your skilled enough to write it yourself, but you did not do either, but i feel like your aware and don't really care which just accentuates your swag).
(this is not the same busta rhymes that was a member of the leaders of the new school, and if you ask me it is for the much much much worse, much much much worse.  when did busta rhymes become a boss / hustler?  and i already kicked t-pain out of the genre so you know how i feel about his corny music...  like it's not worth my time, just like this song).
(mickey factz doing what he does best, going in on banging techno beats, GFC).
(whose mouth needs shutting as far as 50 is concerned? weezy f perhaps?  i hope so, i would love to see these cats get at each other... on wax of course).  
(q goessss in).
(forgive the name, and the countless references within the song, but it has a lot of truth to it however blunt it may be).
(this is some realllll rap, i should save this shit for a btn but i wanted to get it out for you guys...  saigon is the fucking truth;
"If anybody knows about the Trans-Atlantic slave trade, that’s pretty much how Africans got to America. When they brought us on those ships that’s what it was called and it’s ironic that I ended up on Atlantic Records because they didn’t’ want to help me to help my people. I used to try to go up to the Black employees and try to make my case to them. They’d tell me they basically needed sex songs and I’d tell them, “Dog, you got a daughter! Do you really want a song about me laying pipe? You want a song with me giving a bitch the business? How would you feel if your daughter was singing along?” The sad thing is they’d look at me with a jackass face." Saigon).
(good to see rhymesfest back in the building).
(maino is a real character, i am starting to come around.  the last few records i have heard maino on recently have been real official hip-hop, keep up the good work).
(shouts to stat for killing the remix).
(this beat gets beaten up).
(fuck what your on if you aint on this).
(they are one of the nicest if not thee upcoming hip hop group out).
(one of my favorite hamilton tracks to date, the beat is hooked up and hamilton manages to stay on topic... or as close to it as ever).
(yes yes yes, all praise to the lord of the breaks...).
(she kinda kills it, doubt she wrote it though).
(props all around well done gentlemen).
(some unreleased heat from the game).
(dope remix beat and k kill shit for def).
(just in case you were not convinced).
(this shit is dope... really dope).
(roll that weed up then...)
(this is nuts).

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