Monday, January 12, 2009

R.I.P Adolph "Chris" Grimes

Now this is some real bullshit, some reaaaal bullshit!  Here I write a long entry about how we should all keep level heads and try to use new methods, to put an end to violence that has become old and routine.  The details have not been released, but I am outraged, what allowed me to keep a level head when I heard about Oscar Grant, was the fact that it was not something that happened in a back alley, it was in public, open for everyone to see I have hopes, because that is the case that Officer Mehrsle will be brought to justice (hopes that are thinning as each day passes and he is not charged), but at least there could be no trickery about what happened (even though this "I thought my strap was a stun gun," is a clever attempt).  The officers involved and particularly Officer Mehrsle cannot claim his innocence (whether or not they are able to use there positions as officers to evade punishment), the question of whether or not they were innocent in there actions, can never be answered by anything but a NO!  Oscar Grant, was murdered without justification, police brutality exists, racism exists, profiling exists, and fear exists between the police and young America, no one can refute those as truths after the tragic events of January 1st.  So what I mean to say, is I could see how the young, ethnic, and impoverished of America could use it as a means of showing the rest of the world exactly what they are faced with.  The protections they don't receive and liberties they do not have.  It could be used as a means to change.  Power is placed in the hands of the communities, and they are given voices to present the problems and fear they live with everyday and some solutions as to how to move forward and save innocent lives.  You are forced to face the fact that you are a contributor to the problem.  However, now are focus has been cleverly switched (I do not want to go completely conspiracy theory on all of you but I do think it may very well be a part of the plan).  Deflect our attentions for long enough, change the face of the Oscar Grant tragedy from a completely innocent man to a man whom might not be innocent, from an unarmed man, to an armed man (granted he was licensed), from someone whom it is on tape that he was being cooperative, to someone whom can be made to seem the exact opposite (though I am going to give myself to the conspiracy and say he was not).  You now have a situation with variable you can control.  Picture this, you have a completely innocent man murdered in public by a Police Official.  You have all of this terrible publicity on your hands and all of these people asking questions, questions that because of to the extent of his innocence and the way in which the event unfolded you have to answer.  You have to look internally because no one else is to blame, you can say that it is the result of a much larger problem, but you are forced to at the very least admit that it is a problem that is contributed to by both sides.  You have forfeited the moral high ground, and now you have to, one; make it clear that you are making changes to policies and to personnel (which can be time consuming and expensive), or two; get it back, or at least get some of it back, option three is; differ attention for long enough to make everyone forget, because we forget a lot.  Now, it is your job to find a way to flip the script, you are faced with how to make this big tip of the scale in poor America's favor not so big, and you are told to use options two and three.  How do you regain the moral high ground or some of it, and how do you divert America's attention away from such a tragic and publicized event? Well what you do, is you find a man, preferably someone ethnic, and preferably poor, if he can't be ethnic then he has to be poor and if he can't be poor then he has to be ethnic, whom you know will be carrying a weapon because he is licensed to do (licenses you have access to), you isolate him from his friends, and make sure there is no chance of anyone seeing you, best case when he is returning from a party so he is preferably intoxicated and not at his best, you get a group of officers looking to move up in the ranks whom will swear it happened exactly like you tell them to say it happened, and you tell them to wait in the dark, fire a few shots so he is sure to shoot back so you have rounds coming in the opposite direction, (maybe he doesn't shoot back but that's not so important, because after all he shot first and we can make the ballistics tell our story), the only thing that is important is that he turns around for long enough to put a few shots into his front-side, then a few in his back as per protocol to make it look by the books.  You might throw some drugs on his person or maybe you decide thats too cliche but anything after the above steps to slander the dead male is a bonus, in reverse anything that can be done to defend his character is best left kept secret, let people find out on there own.  What happens next?  You make sure that every officer who gets interviewed states loud and clear that what those men did is exactly what they were trained to do, and then you let the media and lemming America do the rest.  Do not do the rest America!  Do not be fooled, do not let the addition of yet another tragic event stop you from demanding that changes be made within the task force to their personnel and to policy.  Make sure they are held accountable for the corrupt ways in which they operate and attempt to at first do so using legal means, because that is the only way that change will really occur.  I know in my last blog on the topic I said it was a war we cannot win and therefore should not fight because it is only at our expense or at the expense of the innocent.  While I think it is important to promote and preach change through legal channels, our hand is forced.  If you allow this recent tragedy of the innocent slaying of Adolph "Chris" Grimes to distract you from the problems you have to face internally.  Well, then I am prepared to put a target on my back, a message to any police officer whom abuses his authority at the expense of the innocent, to tell you that I am not innocent, and that I will not be cooperative, to say that I will fight, and I will fight until my last breath or until yours, because you are as guilty as I am, and you bleed just like me.

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