Monday, December 1, 2008

It's All About the Lyrics...

In addition to "BUMB THIS NOW," I decided to start a segment I would like to call "AAL" ("it's All About the Lyrics"), what I am going to do for those of you who sometimes miss some of the doper things said in certain songs is give you a verse, or a few barz old and new, that I feel can be poetically inspiring.  The goal I guess, other then to promote good hip-hop, is to get people to see that it is more then just bling blow, cut the check.  But, that in fact a lot of these rappers are some of the more creative and talented writers/poets/linguists of our time, regardless of where they got there inspiration from, or the intentions behind the poetry.

with the same sword they knight you
they goin goodnight you with.
thats only half if they like you,
that aint even the half what they might do.
don't believe me 
ask michael,
see martin
see malcolm,
see biggie
see pac
see success and it's outcome.
see jesus
see judas,
see ceaser
see brutus 
see success is like suicide,
this is suicide
if you succeed prepare to be crucified.
media meddles
niggas sue you
you settle
every step you take they remind you you ghetto,
so its tough being bobby brown
to be bobby then you have to be bobby now.
and the question is,
is to have had and lost
better then not having at all?
cause of course,
im just waiting till the shine wears off."
Jay-Z "Lost (remix)" '08

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