Monday, December 1, 2008

Demevolists, Melo X, Jay Electronika x3

Demevolist Music Group - I Go Crazy (feat. J MeAns, Yung Nate, Charles Hamilton & Bagdad)
(i will say this, i refuse to just jump on this charles hamilton band wagon, he seriously misses way to often for me to give him carte blanche.  with that said this song is a banger, i hope some of these other guys can get some shine, bagdad is nice).

(melo x has put in enough work, and has paid enough dues to finally get some shine of his own, as a producer/musician and as a rapper).

(jay elect has always reminded me of mfdoom, but to be honest i was never sure whose style i preferred, or if i could really vibe with either, these three tracks remind me of vintage doom, and i gotta say he might do it just a little bit better then the man behind the mask).

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MeLo-X said...

Thanx for the words meng