Monday, January 12, 2009

Maino - Letter To Pac
(maino goes in on jada's "letter to big," and whether or not it would have fit better if someone from the west sent this letter, maino goes the fuck in!).
(skateboard p and weezy f go back and fourth and make it look oh so easyyy).
(skyzoo dropping some more heat... fire!).
(i was hoping that young and jada would bring out the best in busta, and to be honest this is one of the first busta songs i have liked his flow on in a while, maybe it's just because it's not such a corny beat (close). this song is dope).
(please do not sleep!  when anyone tells me hip-hop is dead or hip-hop is wack now-a-days, i just toss em a blu mix, and tell em to not be so stupid!).
(this song is crazzzzzzy, hard to wrap your head around crazy...)
(r&b is deader then hip-hop right now, like flat line status, but dream does his thing and i really appreciate it.  if your thinking like, "well what are you talking about there are a lot of r&b singers out right now?" your stupid, the word that comes to mind for you and for those artists is... CORN!  i hate all that corny r&b almost as much as i hate artists who overuse vocoders).
(these are two of my favorite upcoming artists emerging onto the mainstream, yc has already been around the block a few times, hopefully this time around he chooses the right artists to work with (no disrespect to the gunnaz), but wale is a good start).
(straight jack of jay-z's "ignorant shit".  come on now 50... i hope 50 and wayne do go after each other, 50 may be one of the only artists out who might be able to humble wayne... can anyone say publicity stunt?).

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