Friday, January 9, 2009

A Lot of Music You Don't Wanna Miss

50 Cent - Nigga I’ll Hurt You
(its 50 aka ferrari f50).
(take us back to 96 AV, this is the real).
(cool and dre murk the beat, weezy give us some personality, and dre doesn't ruin the track with his verse like he does on most).
(i do not get down to ron browz, the dude seems real cool, respect for making money, but he is corny, just really really corny and corn + vocoder = really wack hip-hop, shouts to freeway for killing his verse its the ROC).
(my two favorite cats in the hip-hop game (seperate from the spitting) are terry urban and mick boogie, and now they will have a long overdue hip-hop show on the shade45, can't wait to stream that shiyat).
(i am not the biggest brisco fan but i am a huge born again budden fan and the hook is a biggie sample so it's the truth...  your passed on excitement you bleed just like me).
(that exclusive shit you can't get in the store...)
(some unreleased big!? yeah might as well make it a holiday, i feel like it's christmas).
(i can dig it).
(jada doing what jada does best, rap music).
(i think i already posted this or the mixtape it's on...  kid cudi is good for a change of scenery).
(pac div goes innn).
(check him out he is pretty dope, courtesy of 2dopeboyz).

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