Monday, January 5, 2009

Kid Daytona, Swizzy, Young Buck, Ginuwine, Tyga, Mistah FAB, Print, Idle Warship, Bishop Lamont, Nickelus F, U-N-I, Reks, PreZZure, Ace Mac, Jay

The Kid Daytona, Harlems Cash, 6th Sense & Outasight - 2009 (Produced by 6th Sense)
(this is that good shit).
(it is what it is... nothing special). 
("what the fuck you think a haters job is? to hate, so let them do there job.").
(ginuwine takes it back).
(after the corny whistle in the beginning the beat drops pretty hard, and tyga really goes in, i dunno if it is on purpose to not outshine tyga but it seems like wayne is lacking energy on this track).
(i can dig it).
(some of new york's finest go in on the meaaan collaboration...  this shit is really super).
(blacksmith stand up).
(i got it).
(really really impressive recently! the portishead mashups are crazy).
(its that cali shit).
(the beat is crazzzzzy, and reks comes correct, revolution rap shit...  shouts to dj g.i. joe).
(yahdontalreadykno but you fucking should!).
(def can vibe with this... oh yeah and p.s lupe has some indy rock production fake english accent questionable product out under the title japanese cartoon).
(mick boogie's very tasteful take on swaggerr).
(the west gives us a super calabo, this shit is real wild).
(dibiase on the pads).

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