Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Blu, Mickey Factz, Skyzoo, Esso, 50, Silverust, Theo

Blu - TilWeDie
(blu is my favorite rapper out so at the risk of putting too much gas in the tank, just listen and try to tell me there is something missing...  dude is the truth).
(mickey lets us know it's not all roses).
(i really dig the production on this track, but no offense i don't like much else).
(it's what you have come to expect and hope for from the zoo, skyzoo is not slowing down at all).
(esso tells us how he saw '09 come and how he plans on tearing the new year up).
(you read that write, it's 50 and the doc at it again...  i get it in).
(yeah you read thattt right, it's not a play on the name the beach boys (even though that might be a cool name for a group from cali or something) it's the beach boys for real).

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