Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Trademark, Jadakiss, Freeway, Torae, Charles Hamilton, Curtains

Trademark The Skydiver - On & On
(to be honest i don't know much about trademark, but this song is well done, the flow is pretty much spot on and the beat kinda lays low until you start to lose interest and then it smacks you in the face,  fly society stand up).

(just a little quick verse from jada to remind us he is coming soon, "the last kiss" to drop in the near future).

(day 3 of free's month of madness, R.O.C is getting on there marketing tip, first 30 verses in 30 days from young chris and now this.  you wont see me complaining though, as long as freeway keeps up the quality).

(q-tip is arguably top five dead or alive, such a veteran, one of the few artists who can say that he did it his way the whole way, real hip-hop).

(torae is really going in, and he as he goes he really demonstrates how he can kill any type of rap, it's as easy as wun tu thr3. i guess?).

(i can't even decide about this track, way too much shit going on and i am not sold on either of these cats yet).

(my favorite track from curtains so far, but that really doesn't say much).

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