Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Mad Music

("see with thugs everything is seen but with gangsters you wont see a thing...")
(young c, c for c, campaign for change.)
(it is always good to see solid cats paying homage to the most solid JAY DILLA.)
(super producer bangladesh kills shit.  i do want to mention that he really does know what's good as far as the rest of the world; adidas is taking over everywhere except the USA, adidas is taking nike over as the premier sports clothing and footwear line.  passport music to drop soon to be hosted by don cannon)
(remix to the remix, i can dig it.)
(this is a phat track.)
(sick sample of a portishead track, nickelus gives us a little real rap, i can definitely vibe to this way to go in F.)
(and again.)
(i got friends with money yah heard!)
(not as good as the original i don't think but but busta comes correct and that is refreashing 
(running out of things to say, but official music is as official music does.)
(little vintage dungeon family feeling to this track, a couple of spins for sure.)
(what i was hoping for.)
(and the mainstream is as the mainstream does, snoop go ahead and get some, tip tbh you could have come harder...  i guess i can't hate on akon based on.)

(he's not lying, i dunno what more to say. "so many pounds in the trunk we call it elephant kush...")
(i really like mickey factz so it hurts me to not be so into the second member of gfcny on his come up, not to mention curtains is hilarious, sometimes i am listening to one of his verses and i am like o wow that line was sick but i think he sticks with flows a little long boxes himself in.  gfcny will always have a place at C2C, keep going at it curtains, i'll come around.)
(you can't front.)
(shouts to No I.D.)
(idle warship yes yes yes bitches, talib is the fucking man.)
(JandJ all day and be young from pacdiv big ups.)
(look for sene's debut adaylate&adollarshort produced entirely by blu.)
(i cannot be more clear, if you do not know who blu is by now then you are not a hip-hop fan!  blu is arguably the best rapper out right now.  completely unique and unwavering he might just save hip-hop, we need to do out part and get him into surgery/rotation.)
(hollyweerd out the a, give em a chance.)
(everything is right about this track, SLAUGHTERHOUSE bitches.)
(off back 2 the basics, real legit.)
(uh-huh, diva killlllllls it.)
(anything premier remixes is worth numerous spins.)
(rarely disappoints.)
(haha, jay go ahead with that hilarity.)
(fuck big business!)
(if you made it all the way down to this post you'll be happy with yourself.)
(it is serious.)

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