Monday, November 3, 2008

Call 2 Arms

We ask of you only what we ask of ourselves.  Not to ignore, not to remain oblivious, not to turn a cheek, we ask you to no longer ignore the urge to listen, even if that urge to listen, can be the most unpleasant urge of all.  We do not ask for action, while we encourage it, we at Cheers 2 Crime merely ask that you acknowledge the want, for knowledge.  We at C2C believe it is knowledge the world survives on, and knowledge that will save this world.  It is a recent disease, a plague that has spread to the youth of America and the rest of the world that has masked the pursuit of knowledge.  The days of philosophy are dead, instead of independent thought, instead of an independent thirst for truth, and the freedoms those truths provide, we hurry to flush away our souls with mindless work, with zombie like ethic, as we kill ourselves for As, for promotions, for more money, more money and then some, we at C2C ask what have you learned?  And how will what you learned help to save yourself? And if you cannot even save yourself, how do you expect to save the world?  Because the end is very near.

We have entered a Dark Age of activism.  With that we have allowed for a chronic illness called apathy.  Apathy is nothing to be ignored and yet we allow ourselves to fall into the path of apathy so easily.  With that we allow ourselves to be controlled.  Apathy is nothing to be sought after, it is not a clean conscience, it is an illness of conditioning, it is not a freeness of mind, it is an acceptance of the inhumane, undemocratic, of the racist, it is an acceptance of bigotry, a blind eye batted at genocide, it is killing an innocent man, it is letting a guilty man go free, and it is so much more.  Had the protestors of the past been apathetic then our world would have come to an end much sooner then the ever-looming doomsday that we have perpetuated.  Be it, nuclear, economic, or environmental, we have seen the best of days, and we have long since gone past them.  But who cares?

We have seen the working class go from rags to riches and then back to rags.  I have seen the government trample on the same people that founded this country in an interest in religious, economic, and social freedom.  We at C2C are strong believers in the working classes ability to change the future.  To take this trend of elitist, money mongering history that we have allowed to go on for far to long, and to look to a better future, we at C2C hold on to hope.  We at C2C have watched as the upper class grows smaller, the middle class grows smaller, and the lower class increases exponentially.  We have seen with our own eyes the same pursuit of the American dream that so many men and women have come to search for here in the United States laughed at.  The foundation of our Country, in the Constitution looked at as merely a vessel to take power away from the people.  Had we at C2C not been such advent believers in the Constitution, had we been anarchists, or had we been nihilists we would have given up the fight along time ago.   But we will not, we are as patriotic as the next man, we hold fast in the American ideals, and we consider ourselves the most patriotic.  However, we at C2C acknowledge that a change must come not only a regime change, but a change in the morals and ambitions of our American society, we have come so far in preaching the rights of everyman, in preaching social justice to fall back in our ways and ignore the social in justices that occur daily.  Will we allow for the freedoms that were fought so hard for, to be taken away from us, because we are no longer willing to fight for them, and even worse oblivious to the fact that they are being taken away.

We at C2C are attempting to start a movement; to start a dialect, a discourse, to begin a long and hard conversation that will lead to our goal, to amass the masses and to ultimately restore honor



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