Wednesday, November 5, 2008

ShalL wE CONtiNue? - Obama won, now what? - YoUth StaND uP!

It has been moving watching the election over the past months.  The youth along with popular culture (in many different manifestations) managed to do some good for once, and Obama was able to captivate the youth (the under 40 demographic) early and often enough to win the election.  How did Obama do what Kerry failed to do in 2004?  The issues are not so much different, Kerry was campaigning much like Obama for change, we were at war much like we are now,  we were amidst an oil crisis, sales and economic stability were already beginning to decline in practically all major sectors, the green revolution was new and the environment was already pretty warm, what was so different about this election?  Why did Obama not only win the election, but win by a such a large margin?  The simple answer is, Obama managed to captivate young audiences by attempting to make history, that it was not really the issues but the man.  While I applaud Obama, support Obama, and am very excited to see how Obama executes as our President.  I wonder, if it was not so historically significant, if it was not a black man, if it was some other youthful politician with a pension for speaking to the youth, would the outcome have been different?  If it was two boring politicians, campaigning the same boring campaign would we have payed attention?  I imagine that most would say of course not, of course  it would be different, that is the whole point, that is why Obama is so amazing, because he was able to captivate the youth, because he was not just another boring politician, that of course it affected the outcome, how could it be any other way.  Those same people would most likely admit to the fact that a good deal of political calculation was included as well, that Obama was not just in the right place and the right time, but in a sense created the right place and time, or that perhaps the right time and place were created for Obama.  Most must be thinking, yeah?  That is politics?  And the answer is, it is politics.  I understand, I should be happy my side won, I am not happy, what I am is worried.  I am worried that for all the change, and all the making history, that for all the hoopla that Obama's celebrity is all that kept the youth involved.  I am worried, that after Obama is inaugurated, and the dust settles, when "yes we can" returns to its cliched resting place, and Obama shirts become few and far between; will the youth become un-interested?  Will we return to our compliant ways?  Will we have made enough of a change?  The youth across the country is patting themselves on the back today, and it is well deserved.  Today we can pat ourselves on the back, but tomorrow we must continue to execute and promote change.  It is not up to Obama now, our jobs are not done, I have heard to many people already saying, "well now we just have to wait and see."  Waiting is not an option, waiting is what allowed for four more years of Bush, we have waited eight long years now, we have to act.  The youth has to stay involved, we have to help Obama make change, pick issues instead of incumbents and campaign those issues the same was we campaigned for Obama, it felt good to make a difference didn't it youth?  You felt invigorated to know that you were making a difference.  If this election is in fact proof that democracy is still alive, if it is proof that we can make a difference, that the masses still have the ability in America to dictate change, then we must continue to use our abilities, we are responsible now more then ever to remain active, to rally, to discuss, to exchange ideas, read, write, promote change, speak, go out and create, it is possible, we can no longer say we do not have the capacity to make a difference, do not let this capacity to make a change go to waste.  No longer can we blame our woes on systematic failures, the system worked, and why did it work?  Participation, "yes we can."  Shall we continue?



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