Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Scooter Smiff? Seriously hip-hop?

I had no idea who Scooter Smiff was until 5 minutes ago, and well, my faith in hip-hop is drawn to question.  Do not get me wrong, I salute Scooter, or probably Mr. Smiff to me, for making money and capitalizing on an industry gone obviously soft.  To be more frank, and sorry Mr. Smiff I am sure, well not sure but I can give you the benefit of the doubt that you are one talented 13 year old, but in all honesty, the people who I salute are your marketing squad, your manager mostly for seizing an opportunity and capitalizing on a hole that had been left in commercial hip-hop since Chris Brown, and Bow Wow, and the likes are now old enough to have left a void in the 8-14 yr old demographic.  Who am I mad at then?  Fuck CB and fuck CBE for signing such a gimmick it's not cute you pussy/pussies.  His parents?  Excuse me if they are not around but whoever raised this kid could have taught him a little more of a love for music and a lot less of a greed for money.  For you fucking fake, superman-ing,  bitch ass fans out there who are supporting gimicks like this, and who are shaking there heads at there monitors saying "don't hate," I do not hate Scooter Smiff, I hate you fuckers!  You are all embarrassments, stop allowing every art form to be capitalized on by capitalism.  No, that does not mean you can't rap about or like rap about cars and such, but this kid cannot even drive yet!  Name dropping brands and speaking on how much money you have, or cars you drive really only impresses me based on two things wordplay and work ethic, it is not the whips its the wit and the will, and while I am sure you are very educated Scooter, excuse me Mr. Smiff you are not doing anything that has not already been done, and not to hurt any feelings, but the things that are being done, the people who are doing, you most certainly cannot compete at 13.  Hip-hop please!  If your out there, if you have any dignity left stop with all the gimmicks, good music is all we want! 

Uninspired beat, uninspired hook, uninspired raps = uninspired song. Here is some advice Scooter, I can call you Scooter now cant I? Okay sorry Mr. 
Smiff here is some advice; wait, Lil Wayne made money when he was 13 
sure, but he did not make music until a few more recently. Make the music whats important not the money.


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