Friday, November 7, 2008

Bump This Now #1 - 11/7/08

I guess blogs get popular based on certain segments, or things they do daily, something to make people check in everyday, that most of the time is more simple then the long drawn out posts.  A "word of day" kind of thing.  I know most sites do a joint of the day, or something along those lines, and well I am afraid I do not have anything so much more original.  I pledge to give you a joint of the day worthy of the title.  There you have it until I come up with something more clever to give you daily, I will provide music.  I'll call it "Bump This Now!"  Hopefully you will do exactly that.


for whom the bell tolls - evidence (ft. phonte, blu, and
dont sleep, BUMP THIS NOW!

for those of you who care ill also give some honorable mentions;
get up - 50 cent ("get rich or die trying" status)
computer love - ghostface ("fishscale" official)
life in marvelous times - mosdef (i almost want to give this one its own 
day mosdef does not fucking stop he continues to invent and put crazy 
music out, fakers take notes)

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